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[09.02.16-09.02.26]VA-Best Of Today

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[09.02.16]VA-Best Of Today(good!!!)

D. Woods-On My Side.mp3
El Feco-Heavy.mp3
I-15-Tootie Frooty.mp3
J. Minor-Never Enough (Prod. by Invincible).mp3
Jesse-Let Me Cry.mp3
Maxee-If Was The One.mp3
Rickwell-Pardonne Moi.mp3
Taj Jackson-Where You At.mp3
Tata Young-My Bloody Valentine.mp3
Tenna Torres-Shiver.mp3
Download Link:http://www.rayfile.com/files/3442eec7-fca7-11dd-a3f3-0019d11a795f/

[09.02.17]VA-Best Of Today(Cant't Miss)

Dirty Rose-All These Girls.mp3
J Randall-Part Time Lover (Prod. by Lu Diaz).mp3
J. Winans-Illusion.mp3
Jackie Boyz-Down To Earth (Prod. by Midi Mafia).mp3
Jackie Boyz-Love Flag (Prod. by Midi Mafa).mp3
Jackie Boyz-Weather Report (Prod. by Midi Mafia).mp3
Kyle Owens-Last Chance (Prod. by Leeyou & Danceey).mp3
RL (of Next)-Check Your Girl.mp3
Undercover-She Turn It Up (Prod by. Studio Production).mp3
Download Link:

[09.02.18]VA-Best Of Today(Very Good,Enjoy It!)

Aladdin Royaal feat Brian B-Come Home (Prod.by Hitwerx).mp3
Atozzio-Ohhh (U Make Me Say).mp3
Cookie Couture-Bring It Back (Prod. by Chuck & Joe).mp3
Corbin Bleu-Fear Of Flying.mp3
Lonny Bereal-Club Love.mp3(图片人物)
Unknown-Number One Shawty.mp3(试听)
Download Link:http://www.rayfile.com/files/caddd2d7-fe3c-11dd-b562-0019d11a795f/

[09.02.19]VA-Best Of Today(Good)

AJ (Of 4mula1)-Try It.mp3
AJ (Of 4mula1) -Cover Girl.mp3
Antonio Bujar feat. ATM-You Know (Prod. by Dj-Casanova) (FULL).mp3
Boa feat. Sean Garrettn-I Did It For Love (Prod. by Sean Garrett) (FULL + Shout).mp3
Claude Kelly-Shadow Of An Angel (FULL).mp3
Quincy Jagher-Perfect Storm (Prod. by jAyLIEN of Konvict).mp3
Quincy Jagher-Put You On (Prod. by jAyLIEN of Konvict) (NoShout).mp3
Download Link:http://www.rayfile.com/files/68257ffd-ff0b-11dd-9ba1-0014221b798a

[09.02.20]VA-Best Of Today(Very Good,Must Download)

C-Sheyn-L'Absence De Ta Preence (Album Version).mp3(Cover)
C-Sheyn-Peu M'Importe.mp3
Chantelle Paige -You'll Still Be Here.mp3
Claude Kelly-Shadow Of An Angel.mp3
Justin Clase-My Dilemma.mp3
MIC-Sex Freak.mp3
Ruben Studdard-Together.mp3
Shane-Rose (Prod. by Polow da Don).mp3
Download Link:http://www.rayfile.com/files/e8b01238-ffce-11dd-8193-0019d11a795f/

[09.02.21]VA-Best Of Today(Selected from 52 Tracks,Enjoy it)

CQ feat. Emily-No One Else (Prod. by DRUMCC).wma
David Corey-Dreamin.mp3
J Hill-Under Pressure (Prod. by DrummaBoyz).mp3
Jason Miller-Sucker For Love (Feat. Akon).mp3
LeMarvin ft. August-Too Many Partones.mp3
Natasha Bedingfield-Again (Prod. by Darkchild).mp3
Trey Songz-Brand New (Prod. by Tricky Stewart).mp3
Download Link:http://www.rayfile.com/files/dabf5642-00ba-11de-b868-0019d11a795f/

[09.02.22]VA-Best Of Today(Very Goood,Must Download)

Antonio Avant (of N2U)-Love Is (Prod. by Rob E & Written by Lil Eddie).mp3(It's BackStreet-Love Is,Thanks to N 的进行曲)
Chuka M-Bedroom (Prod. by Mental Instruments) (FULL).mp3
Damon Sharpe-Fall Back (Prod. by Oak).mp3
Jagged Edge -Fling.mp3
K-Young feat. Yung Berg- With You.mp3
Ne-Yo-Nobody (prod by Nexus) (2nd version).mp3
Robert (of Day 26)-Sexual Tension (Prod. Vex Music).mp3
Download Link:http://www.rayfile.com/zh-cn/files/d6154f0a-00d5-11de-b42f-0014221b798a/

[09.02.23]VA-Best Of Today(Beautiful Songs!!!)

Faydee-Never Saw Me Coming.mp3
Jesse-Love Is A Ceasefire (prod. by Darkchild).mp3
Jessi Malay-Draw The Line (Prod. by J.R. Rotem).mp3
Jimmy B.-Hold On (Prod. by Cozi Music).mp3
Johnal-One More Chance.mp3
Leo-Call Me Back (prod. by Uniquesound).mp3
Ne-Yo-Stupid 4 U (prod.by Tricky Stewart).mp3
Redd Hott-Glide For Me (Feat. Bobby Valentino).mp3
Undercover-Cinematic (Demo Akon).mp3
Download Link:http://www.rayfile.com/files/e8e7f4ee-0192-11de-995f-0014221b798a/

[09.02.24]VA-Best Of Today(Nice)

Chuka M(Of The Knightwriterz)-I Neva Need (Prod. By Mental Instruments).mp3
Fallon & Felisha-Infected.mp3
Ray Lavender-Tipsy..mp3
T-Pain-Flight School (Feat. Kanye West).mp3
Young Jeezy & Flex Powdal-Not Alone.mp3.mp3
Download Link:http://www.rayfile.com/zh-cn/files/3f17ebc0-0266-11de-b652-0014221b798a/

[09.02.25]VA-Best Of Today(^_^)

2 Pistols ft. C-Ride-Lights Low (Prod by Cool & Dre).mp3
Cavasiia-Why (prod. by DJ Unique & Mahir).mp3
David Archuleta-Save The Day (Japan Bonus Track).mp3
Jesse-Danger Love (Prod. by Darkchild) (CDQ + FULL + NoShout).mp3
Jesse-Did You Mean To.mp3
Jesse-I Won't Break.mp3
Jesse-Let This Song Cry (Prod. by Darkchild).mp3
Ne-Yo Ft. Phyllisia Ross-Sunshine.mp3
Stephen Michael-Fall In Love (With Me Too).mp3
Unknown-The Way Ur Are (Prod. by Darkchild).mp3
Download Link:http://www.rayfile.com/files/b9be041e-0335-11de-84e6-0014221b798a/

[09.02.26]VA-Best Of Today(So Great!!!Must Download)

Antonio Bujar-Drive Thru (Prod by. Austin Rosen & Dj-Casanova).mp3
Beni Benjiman-One Of A Kind (Prod. by Capo Decina).mp3
Chamillionaire-Creepin Solo (Remix) Feat. The Game & Ludacris.mp3
Claude Kelly-If I Had You.mp3
Eric-U Got My Heart (Prod. by Stargate) (FULL).mp3
Jyant (of Metro City)-Your Weak (Prod. by Stargate).mp3
Omarion feat. Lil Wayne-Comfort (Prod. by Royal Court) (CDQ).mp3
RL (Of Next)-Sexiest Girl (Keith Sweat Demo).mp3
The Hitterzz-Stuck.mp3
Download Link:http://www.rayfile.com/zh-cn/files/b8d1ffeb-03e1-11de-b95a-0014221b798a/


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